Whether you want to have healthy functioning teeth or a beautiful smile, dentistry now affords the means to fulfill that wish.

Implants are a predictable and safe alternative to dentures and bridges (although occasionally they are still the only option) where teeth have been lost due to disease or accidents.

Veneers, porcelain crowns and inlays, crowns, bridges and tooth coloured fillings and restoring implants are some of the procedures we routinely perform.

TWT Services

We provide a full range of dental services for adults and children. These include all general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, implant crowns, hygiene cleans for teeth and gums, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics including Invisalign and fixed braces, teeth whitening, as well as the management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and sleep disorder problems. We also work closely with the best dental specialists to provide the most comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment plans.