There are lots of ways to lighten or brighten your smile.

Sometimes you want whiter teeth now and don't want to wait! We have the ZOOM system in our surgery - just an hour of bleaching in the chair and you will have lighter brighter teeth!

Home bleaching involves wearing a very thin, transparent plastic tray moulded to your teeth, which is used to hold a bleaching agent in contact with the tooth surface. The trays are filled with the bleaching agent and worn for 45-60mins per day. The active agent in the bleach is usually carbamide peroxide. This is a chemical which quickly breaks down to urea and 7% hydrogen peroxide. It is the hydrogen peroxide which lightens the teeth.

Home bleaching (if you aren't pregnant or breast feeding) has been shown to be safe if used correctly.

TWT Services

We provide a full range of dental services for adults and children. These include all general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, implant crowns, hygiene cleans for teeth and gums, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics including Invisalign and fixed braces, teeth whitening, as well as the management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and sleep disorder problems. We also work closely with the best dental specialists to provide the most comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment plans.