Parasitic bacteria have been found in saliva in Tests conducted by the California Institute of Technology. Analyzing the DNA, the researchers a piece of RNA belonging to a form of parasite called Actinomoyces odontolyticus. As Actinomoyces cannot make its own amino acids, it depends on supply from the host. These parasites draw out nutrients at first and then begin attacking the host...

According to Dr. Sherly Snyman, dentist at The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills, a new study conducted in Spain has demonstrated a very strong correlation between obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and sleep bruxism. Yes you read it right - sleep bruxism is the condtion where a person clenches and tightens their jaw, promoting excessive grinding of the teeth.

It is a remarkable finding as no previous studies had uncovered the link - indeed the researchers came at the Progamme believing no such link would ever be proven, but the frequency of occurrence startled them all.

Most at risk? Those with bridges, crowns or implants - and successful prosthetic implantation. The message - sleep apnoea has more to answer for than originally suspected!

Babies and Bad Breath

Babies and bad breath???!!! It is an inescapable fact that babies, being the demanding creatures they are in the womb, have a medically known adverse effect of the gums of She who carries them.

It is strongly suggested that all pregnant parents to be, should pay particular attention to their gums and teeth as they experience a way above average incidence of gum disease and tooth decay.

Between the hormonal changes that can make gums swell and bleed to acid in vomit washing across teeth for those who suffer from morning sickness, babies have a lot to answer for - and that's before they even grow up and give a whole other set of problems!

So if you or someone you know is pregnant, please make regular hygiene appointments as soon as possible to stay ahead in the Gums Games and ensure a robust future relationship with your child to be!!!

As clients of The Whole Tooth Dental Surgery in Surry Hills know, the Practice could be mistaken for a Gallery, such is the extraordinary collection of art on the walls curated by David Rex Livingstone.

The latest change has seen some notables disappear, including the original Charles Blackman, to be replaced by other simply stunning pieces. Of especial note is the Peter Cameron painting that features in this the 2016 digital card from The Whole Tooth - look behind Ash's head in the video!

Through The Whole Tooth Dentists in Surry Hill's Dr. Ashleigh Pham - that's how and who!!!

Ash was awarded a much sought after Scholarship towards her Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry. So now we have not one but two seriously talented cosmetics dentists between Sherly AND Ash who are can give you all the options. That is from general dental needs to creation of a special smile for aesthetic and or cosmetic reasons.

Well done Ash - who is also completing her Masters in Sleep Medecine...

Hard to believe it, but The Whole Tooth Dentist in Surry Hills believes the silly season has already started for 2016. 


- It's so warm the Surry Hills dog-walking fraternity have given up pooch coats and frocks - yes frocks too!

- People departing The Whole Tooth tend to say things like "Happy Christmas" or "Thanks to the best dentists in Surry Hills" or see you in 2017" type stuff.

- We've already begun editing this year's Digital Chrissie card.

- The hygienists are booked out every Saturday for the rest of 2016.

- the hygienists are then unbooked for every available time on Saturdays as people move appointments in line with Christmas social calendars.

- B has no sooner taken down the Halloweenie decs than she's on about putting up the Chrissie ones.

Or so the story goes... Moral of which?

Make your hygiene and check up appointment sooner rather than later to be guaranteed of a time you want inside 2016! Or so says Neil!

From the land of Ripley... Believe it or not... U.S. medical  research concludes that: "Failure to see a dentist can nearly double the risk that even a healthy person will get pneumonia."

As the lead author of the study wrote; "Our study provides further evidence that oral health is linked to overall health and suggests it's important to incorporate dental care into routine preventative healthcare."

Your dentists at The Whole Tooth Dentist in Surry Hills have been banging on about this to all who will listen for ever... Regular maintenance is essential for overall good health!

The Whole Tooth Dental Surgery in Surry Hills has now extended it's Saturday opening hours to include Saturday afternoon as well...

In the early days of dental doings, we were open 9 - 5 Monday to Friday. Then Dr. Sherl extended those hours to include 7:30 am to 6:00 pm most days and threw in Saturday mornings as well for good measure.

Not satisfied with working all Saturday morning, Dr. Ash has decided to stay open Saturday afternoon so that all you busy people who cannot get out of work during the week, or secure one of the much sought after early or late spots, can now organise tooth treatment on a Saturday afternoon. Hard to think of a better way to while away a Saturday arvo isn't it?!

Our very own Tiff, a hygienist of the highest quality, is also as may know a superlative skater of fine figure. Tiff has jumped at June to take an Australian tilt on the European ice figure skating circuit. She promises to tell us all about it when she gets back and display the medal haul on the Board at Surry Hills, Whole Tooth Dental Practice - as you do - which should be early July. But judging by the navigation to the event itself, keep watching this space before you book in!

Go Tiff - may you look incandescent on ice and burn your way onto the judges score sheets!

Sherly, in conjunction with Drs. Kevin Todes and Martin Fine have combined to form a Wilckodontics Wonder Works team in Sydney. So what is a Wilckodontics? Just about the most exciting scientific advance in orthodontics of this decade - that's what! Wilckodontics achieves the same result as normal braces but it only takes between 25 - 33% of the normal time required!!!

Conventional Braces cases range from simple to complex and with normal braces systems, take from 1 to 2+ years to complete. But with Wilckodontics, it can be as little as 3 - 8 months from woah to go.This evidence-based  scientific advance is recent to Australia and we believe that as of now, this is the only Wilckodontics team in Sydney and indeed Australia.

We already have several of our patients who have completed the Wilckodontics program and are thrilled with the result. This is accelerated braces that get where you want to go before you feel you are missing out on steak and apple!

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