Ashleigh is acing her Masters in Sleep Medecine Course... She doesn't like to blow her own trumpet, so I'll have to do it for her...

End of last year, whilst working full time as a dentist  and pretty full on as a mother of 2, she achieved a High Distinction brace of marks with 95 and 98 respectively. Way to go Ash!!!

The Whole Tooth Dental Practice in Surry Hills closed its' doors to our clients today so everyone - from dentists and hygienists to front desk and nurses - attended a Cynergex Emergency Treatment Course.

We have learnt medical facts nobody had a right to know from how to treat a patient suffering anything from anaphylaxis to epilepsy to stroke to cardiac event and everything in between including how to commit absolutely undetectable murder. So go ahead... Throw a fit at the front desk for all the wrong reasons and we'll jump the counter and get stuck in. Fancy an adrenalin shot, a defib electric hit, or a thump or two in aid of cardio pulmonary? Give us a shot - we need the practise. You're in SAFE hands!!!

The Whole Tooth in Surry Hills has long been regarded as being at the forefront of perio and oral hygiene. Our goal is to avoid bad breath and expensive dental treatment through preventative hygiene maintenance on gums and teeth. We have long placed importance in finding the best hygienists who really understand their craft and who can work in with and under the auspices of Sherl and Ash.

When we lost Vitor, as his family moved to Newcastle, we searched high and low for a suitably superior successor to complement our Top Team of Terrific Tiff and Bodalicious Bianchia. We have ended up with not one, but 2 new Team members who enjoy our Dentists complete confidence and round out The Whole Tooth Hygiene Heaven...

The first to join us recently was Sif, the sylphlike hygienist, who is also qualified to treat children. She has now been joined by the Magnificent Meticulous Matt, our long time Portenos stalwart and master mouth cleaner!

We can't contemplate hygiene happiness getting any better than such a spiffing selection as this!

We are really excited to welcome Sherl's erstwhile colleague, Swedish Fred, back to Australia. Sweden's loss is definitely our gain as Fred is a seriously talented dentist as well as being a really good bloke. The only weird thing about Fred is he is passionate about root canal work - but then as Christine Keeler said, "He would say that, wouldn't he?!" as  he is the right side of the drill. Levity aside, Fred will be at The Whole Tooth dental Practice in Surry Hills 2 out of every 4 Saturdays and we highly commend Fred to one and all as a good and ethical dentist with a sense of humour who fits in as well here as a patient who can enjoy a laugh!

Quoting the Sydney Morning Herald Column 8 of last week..."Male dental receptionists are indeed rare, but Geoffrey Leeson of Stanmore tells us that the ever-cheerful Neil of The Whole Tooth Dental Surgery in Surry Hills is indeed a male receptionist." Thanks Geoffrey for :

- getting the word out there about The Whole Tooth and locating us geographically on planet earth

- regaling the world with the news that cheer can be found even in a dental surgery

- and confirming Neil is indeed male, although according to said Neil, this was already an established fact.

And whilst talking of The Sydney Morning Herald, it remains home to many fine and interesting writers of talent along with our other favourite media institution, the ABC which should be nurtured and left alone!!!

Tiffany fractured her wrist whilst ice skating, as you do when trying to execute an ariel triple twist with front somersault... She was due in at The Whole Tooth Dental Surgery in Surry Hills that afternoon, but took the unprecedented step of cancelling all her patients for that afternoon whilst she had XRays taken and wrist bandaged.

Taking a leaf out of her patients annals, Tiff was back at work the very next morning at 7:30. "Well, it is my left wrist", she said and providing a nurse can hold onto the suction, I'm in business!"

They don't build them like The Tiff anymore folks.

Here at The Whole Tooth Dental Practice  in Surry Hills, we pride ourselves in keeping up with modern thinking and best case practices based on the most recent evidence-based science.

All our staff from Nurses and Hygienists through to dentists and even Front Desk undergo regular training. (Have a heart attack at the counter and watch how our staff leap the front counter at a single bound and hop to your aid, defib in hand!)

Dr. Ash is doing a Masters degree in sleep and breathing disorders. At the half way mark, on top of practicing as a dentist, honing her mothering skills on her 2 young kids coupled with the study, Ash has achieved High Distinction in this Course. Serious congratulations Ash from us all. You have even managed to impress Dr. Sherly, continuing education junkie/guru that she is, to sit up and applaud!

It's been too long since we last played catch up here at The Whole Tooth dental Practice in Surry Hills....

It is with regret that we lose our favoured son, Vitor, who has a philosophical disagreement with Joe Hockey, Treasurer. Either Vitor didn't have a good enough job, or Sydney housing just isn't that affordable... Either way, after many years at this Practice, Vitor has upped family and they have moved to Newcastle. We wish them all the best there.

All hail to Vitor who has recently been installed as the Vice President of the N.S.W. Hygienists Association.

We all knew he was pretty good, but this is a well-deserved accolade from his peers.

Vitor also attended a special conference on mental health last month - his wife of 5 months asked him whether this was more to do with her or patient management!? She must know something we don't! But seriously, it is good to see Vitor ramping up in hygienists gravitas.

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