I attended the 2 day Australian Congress sponsored by BioHorizons. 

Two days of some of the finest speakers from abroad and home including our very own Dr Kevin Todes, specialist periodontist in Macquarie Street. Dr Todes gave an exceptional lecture on soft tissue grafting, including the use of AlloDerm. Many of our patients have been referred to Dr Todes over the last 15 years for placement of implants, treatment of periodontal disease of of course soft tissue grafting. 

I am a bit behind with updates and we have been busy so here goes:

Vitor, Tiffany and all the Dental Assistants attended the lecture by Dr Kevin Todes hosted by the Dental Hygienists Association.

He discussed the causes of, and when to treat gum recession including the use of Alloderm. A most informative lecture that will help the hygienists (and dentists) determine when patients should be referred for grafting procedures.

Late October Sherly, and all the hygienists attended the Australian Periodontal Society Seminar will internationally renowned speakers Bergundt and Lang. The latest research on periodontal disease and implants was presented included the latest treatments for disease around implants. What was really brought home was the need to optimal oral hygiene and regular supportive hygiene visits when one has implants!!! 

The dentists and hygienists at The Whole Tooth attended the Australian Society of Periodontology Scientific conference held in Adelaide in February 2010.

Local and international speakers brought us the most recent advances in the management of periodontal disease. Apart from maintaining optimal oral hygiene and strict supportive hygiene maintenance, there is some evidence to suggest that where there is inflammation, omega 3 fish oil plus a baby aspirin daily may help control the disease. We look forward to updates on new research.

The Whole Tooth was one of the first Practices in Sydney to deploy a HealOzone machine which uses ozone to kill bacteria in carious (decayed) teeth, and for treatment of cold sores.

(See under Technology on this site for more detail.) Sherly and Ash were at a lecture by Professor Laurie Walsh last year where he discussed the use of ozone to purify the water going through the dental units, handpieces and drinking water.

A biofilm builds up in all pipework that flakes off from time to time even if you never notice it. However, if all water into the building passes through an ozone machine prior to flowing on through to the surgeries, the taps and the toilet etc., then the entire system is completely bacteria free to the extent you could even drink the water from the toilet - Nobody has verified this yet, but we're still looking for the sparkie who will put a metal fork into a power outlet that is on a circuit breaker!

The Whole Tooth has several kidney transplant patients and although there is no Health Industry mandate YET that such machines SHOULD be installed, Sherly and Ash decided to bite the very expensive bullet and install the necessary equipment..

Patients will never see it, nor will they ever realise it's there unless they read this blog or ask... but we'll sleep sound in the knowledge that at time of writing, The Whole Tooth is one of only 3  Dental Practices in Australia and New Zealand to install the Biotek device and our patients are well cared for - even if they don't know it!

Congratulations to Suju on passing her Australian Dental Council exams.

Suju, already a qualified dentist and University tutor in Sri Lanka and Nepal, worked as my dental assistant whilst studying. 

I feel privileged to now have Suju join us as a part-time dentist, working most Saturdays. 

Suju loves life, cares about people, is a fine dentist and has a special way with children! 

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