Tiffany has been working at The Whole Tooth since she graduated in 2009. She had originally applied to the airforce to be a fighter pilot but cancelled that application when she realised there would be camping involved!

Without a career objective, Tiffany applied for 9 random courses at university and was offered a Bachelor of Oral Health. She did not even know what a dental hygienist does! But she quickly found out, and loved the role and continues to enjoy it today.

Tiffany is also a passionate figure skater who spent years competing. However, this passion became second fiddle with the arrival of her two little darlings Luca and Maya.

TWT Team

Our team are are simply the best at what they do - and so say all of us! Leaders are Sherly and Ashleigh, 2 talented and experienced dentists with a range of skills from full mouth rehabilitation to orthodontics, as well as general dentistry.

Our hygienists are properly trained professionals at the top of their game! Not only do we persevere to provide evidence-based dentistry with our ongoing continuous education, we can do so with a great deal of fun and sense of humour!