Curozone, Healozone and Ozone machines – we have one of each!

Evidence certified machines that minimize bacteria from cold sores to decay and even water supply.

What is the best way to reverse early tooth decay (other than using the drill) and destroy the bacteria that cause the tooth decay? The answer lies in a brand new dental tool called the Curozone. This Practice was one of the adopters of this technology in the Sydney metropolitan area with our purchase of the first generation Healozone.

So how does the Curazone and Healozone machines work and when can you use them? There is a body of research on different applications which suggest that they are very effective in reducing caries (tooth decay) in children, and also in eradicating early caries from specific areas. The Ozone treatment actually facilitates the remineralising by saliva of the affected region by destroying the bacteria in the area and neutralising the acid. This allows the calcium and phosphate in the saliva to remineralise the tooth, thereby reversing the decay process.

These ozone machines even have proven effect in other areas such as on cold sores and wounds generally, which encouraged one patient of the practice to come and have two cold sores "zapped" prior to her wedding!

They can also be used in deeper cavities to kill the bacteria before restoring the tooth. We also use ozonated water for irrigating deep gum pockets to reduce the bacterial count and for endodontic treatment.

In using these ozone delivery machines, we aim to reduce the need for large fillings that destroy the integrity of the tooth, enabling patients to keep their teeth, hopefully for life. The secret lies in early prevention, detection and minimal intervention dentistry! The best news- it's painless!!!

Curozone and HealOzone™ - for gentle treatment of tooth decay with no drilling, no pain and no adverse reactions. A natural way to arrest tooth decay!

We are such fans of the ozone approach that we have even purchased a large ozone machine to ensure that all water coming into the building is ozone treated at source. A big plus for those kidney transplant patients or others who cannot tolerate some of the bacteria found in normal water supply – and the best possible way to go to maintain top hygiene conditions in the dental surgery.

TWT Technology

We are at the forefront in the use of the most latest innovative technology to consistently deliver the highest standard of dental care.  Aside from the quality form fit chairs and sterilisation equipment, we also employ the use of digital scanners for impressions, microscopes, digital radiography, and EMS airflow.

Whilst the use of digital impressions allow for the highest precision and accuracy in the fitting of appliances, the use of EMS airflow in periodontal prevention and maintenance facilitates the removal of biofilm, stains and young calculus around teeth and implants in the most comfortable way possible.